Welcome to our memory page

On this page you will find comments from past walkers and their memories of the day. Please send us your memories so we can add them to the page.

My memories are of a very early start, driving over and not really having a clue what to expect but a feeling of excitement and anticipation parking up and seeing all the other adults and kids with their torches and boots. Walking with Dan was good but writing the label for the balloon and attaching a picture of Steve was the best bit - that sending a little bit of us and our memories off to who knows where. It was a very emotional balloon release and seeing them all floating off. And of course you warming up the crowd ahead of the walk and the butties at the end of it - good fun as well as the sadness. Jill

The Sunrise walk is an amazing experience and well worth losing a few hours of sleep for. It brings so many people together to watch the sun rise as well as sending messages of love when the balloons are released into the sky at the end. Alison B

The sunrise walk is a lovely event and for me "Walking on the outside whilst healing on the inside” sums it up nicely. Nancy

I have attended all five sunrise walks and love the experience from start to finish. There is something special about being awake and out in the countryside so early in the morning, listening to the birds wake up and watching the sky lighten are things I don’t usually see, so having The Sunrise Walk organised makes it easier to motivate myself to get up and get out there. Annon

The Sunrise Walk is well organised and the walk itself is easy and it has a great atmosphere before and after the walk. You don’t have to have been bereaved to come along and enjoy this event it is a walk for everyone. The balloon release makes it a humbling experience.  Annon.


Ballon release

It was a surreal start to the day driving to Arthingworth just as dawn was breaking with just the dawn chorus for company, the roads were empty but I was full of a real sense of anticipation that something very special was about to happen. On arriving at the farm it was good so see quite a few other folks already there who had made the same journey as me. As the walk started my sense of anticipation was very quickly replaced with a calm feeling, we walked along the path in the crisp early morning air with the birds tweeting away my focus was on the path ahead but also thinking of how fortunate I was to be taking part in such a special event it led me to think about our loss but not in a sad way but to be comforted by those around me who have been through the same and are finding ways to cope and share special days such as this. As the walk came back along the final corner we could smell a waft of bacon and the strong coffee which was to come a lovely way to end such a special event. The balloon release was the final poignant moment sending a special gift to our loved ones that we have lost wherever they may be to let them know that we still remember and cherish them.
Paula Fowle